Night club

Saturday, it’s time to go to the nightclub “OSCAR”. A dreary office, a hateful job, an eternally ringing phone was left behind. Weekends, rest the night city, cheerful company, restaurant. Strip club. Strip show.

You are a guest and a strip dance for you. And it does not matter Odessa, Kiev or any other city. Information on how to find the address of a night club will prompt the help organization. And club “OSCAR” has a site where all contact information is indicated. There you can leave a review. Get a bonus on the free entrance to the night club striptease.

Stripper dances a striptease for you. Next, it’s time to establish an atmosphere that will have guests. Candles, textured rollers and incense are vital, as a guaranteed peace and quiet. This tells a strip dancer. Mobile phones left on certain modes will not interfere with rest. Then it’s time to choose clothes. The idea, says the stripper, is feminine and sexy – but never vulgar.

No additional services, such as gloves or the ubiquitous boa feather and non-greedy red nail polish. Suspenders? Stockings? Quelle horreur! They make the legs short, she tells me, and it’s almost impossible to remove them temptingly. Trying to cover all the options, then I put the delicate lace bras and panties, light skirts into the suitcase, to be on stage. The front shirt clasp for provocative unbuttoning.

As a back-up wardrobe, there are some reliable brands and Spencers shorts. “It’s important that the girl does not feel disguised, she should feel erself,” Mariana tells me, sorting out her clothes. “We decide to take a chic bra and panties set under the figure, a tight, chocolate-brown dress with buttons from top to bottom. Finally, I’m ready to go in. After Marian, I need to learn how to remove the buttons from top to bottom using only the thumb and index finger, leaving the other hand, wandering with a hint of my hips. ” , – th she ICU. “Try not to be tough,” she tells me when I try my best to perform several different strip dance maneuvers in time to music.