Events in the striptease club OSKAR Odessa


Birthday! Strip club Oscar in Hollywood Style! Each of you at least once dreamed of being a Hollywood actor,walk on the red carpet. If you want to feel like a star and have a good fun, we’ll wait for you 14.07 from 21:00 to 02:00 for the coolest party of the year. You are waiting for an erotic dance show  with the characters of the American movies, LED show, dancing with exotic animals, welcome drink, giveaway prizes and more. You must see it first! Erotic non-stop dancing from 02:00 to 06:00. The entrance is free! Tiraspolskaya square 4, second floor. Reservation tables : 0972149735. Total places are limited.

Carefully profanity, party

DO NOT MISS !!!! The coolest party of Humor in the club OSCAR !!!! Participants in the television projects “Ride the comedian”, “KVN”, “League of Laughter”. Actors and screenwriters of the series “Krayina U”, “Once Upon a Time in Odessa”. The winner is “Comedy Battle” on TNT, a resident of Comedy Club. Organizers of Odessa championships in humor “Mayor’s Cup”, “Rector’s Cup”. Members of the jury of numerous humorous competitions. We wait for our guests on 23.02.18 at 23.00 at the address: Tiraspolskaya square.4 2nd floor The tables are booked by phone: 0972149735. The number of seats is limited.