The video rubric was created specifically to allow visitors to watch topics from the strip programs for free.

While online video viewing is not expected. Strippers perform their dance not for free. The club tries to upload a good film. We will improve the quality of both photos and video. Quality hd in the “OSCAR” strip club will be permanent.

Can I download videos from the site? Strip clubs, usually, do not welcome such opportunities. Striptease perform for money. A striptease is being trained. Every lesson costs money. Striptease club is not the media. Stripper (operator) also takes a lesson if he wants to be able and know how to start doing a professional


ВидеоTo begin with, you need good equipment. These are our best videos, not tips and will not help you to work as a professional operator, and will not give your work an instant impulse on quality. A tripod is needed in order to simply create a stable quality video. But the quality of video does not depend on it. You can remove a stable video without having to drag around a lot of equipment. Beginning to shoot your body in position, so that every breath you make does not lead to an unwanted camera move.

Use the surface of the earth, wall or other object to rest the camera back and find beautiful visual horizons. By installing a tripod, you can be anchored in one place. Production of interesting strip videos and photos involves learning the creative method of shooting. You do not want your movie to look like it came from a surveillance camera. All the videos of tomorrow will be widescreen 16×9.

hink about what you can do to make these additional visual horizons work for you. You can take much more content in one frame. But do not forget that the large-format hd video does not mean shooting all the frames. Television is still a close environment. Close-ups of people transmit mostly emotions than a photo shot from the crowd. Avoid unnecessary scaling. Selecting the camera for the first time has only about everyone who wants to press the zoom button on each frame while panning through the horizon. The results may leave the viewer unhappy.